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Safety Considerations When Buying Scissor Lifts

How To Buy Scissor Lifts With Safety In Mind

Health and safety should be your first and foremost priority when you shop around for heavy industrial equipment and machines. This category of equipment includes scissor lifts among many other products. Let’s take a closer look into the safety considerations that can influence your lift equipment buying decisions.

Always Compare Multiple Varieties Of Lifting Equipment

There are many models of scissor lifts available on the market. These machines come in different sizes and load capacities. These features have a direct influence on the cost of such equipment. In order to make the best choice, you should compare various types of scissor lifts and pick the machine that best suits the needs of your business. If needed, discuss with your clients their future projects, in order to come up with accurate estimates of the technical features of your heavy lifting equipment. Furthermore, check that the equipment you’re going to buy complies with your local standards. If you want to know more about this topic, you should check out the BS EN1570:1999, which is the British standard for this kind of equipment.

Loading Capacity

Scissor lifts can boast a loading capacity between 500kg and 10,000kg. The big question here is how you can ensure that such a heavy machine can be safe. The answer is that the company that buys such equipment has to ensure that the installation is correct, that all operators receive training, and that everyone working on that project is aware of the health and safety rules and regulations that apply in the work process. The installation needs to follow the standard protocol of the state. The servicing needs to be done in accordance with the legal requirements. You’ll need to closely follow the maintenance schedule and to perform all needed repairs as soon as your inspectors spot the slightest problems. Choosing the right scissor lift is also a matter of knowing very well where you’re going to install this equipment. The height of the room and the void space around the machine are only two of the factors that will determine the type of scissor lift to buy.

Since 2005, New York has enforced a height regulation that aims to improve the safety of construction works that rely on mobile machinery such as scissor lift and other heavy lifting machines. Furthermore, it is essential that all operators get the best training courses available, in order to learn how to handle these machines. A skilled operator can prevent severe work injuries by handling the machine the right way and with all safety precautions in place.

In conclusion, you need to choose your scissor lifts only after a thorough examination of your work projects, and after a side by side comparison of all your available options. Furthermore, you need to forecast for operator training, health and safety training, as well as frequent maintenance routines. If you don’t know how to do it, consider hiring a specialist in heavy lifting equipment and industrial machines to guide you along the purchasing process.


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