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About is a discussion platform and blog dedicated to the building and construction/contractor community. It is a place where construction professionals can ask work-related questions each other, and share their professional experience. They can also read the industry news, company highlights and general information pertaining to the industry.

Discussion Forum Topics:
Concrete – Reinforced and Pre-stressed Concrete
Steel – Hot-Rolled, Cold-Formed Steel and Composite Structures
Other Structural Materials – Masonry, Wood, Aluminium and Glass Structures
Foundations – Soil Mechanics, Retaining Walls, Shallow and Pile Foundations
Water Supply – Hydraulics, Water Treatment Processes, Water Retaining Structures
Waste Water – Sewer, Strom Water, Wastewater Processes, Hydrology
Transportation and Highways – Transportation Planning, Pavement Design, Geometric Design
Surveying – Measurements, Curves, Earthworks
Project Management – Estimating, Project Planning and Scheduling, Contract Documentation
Contractors of the Week – A unique listings of suppliers for civil/structural engineering:

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